Manuel Bollard

Manual Rising Bollard:
Compare to the usage of other hydraulic and pneumatic bollards, this product has a manual usage method. The linchpin should be operated manual and bollard should be pressed down. When the bollard lidreaches to the ground level, the linchpin should be turned against to the clockwise to be locked. To raise the bollard back up again, should be pressed on the bollard and turn the key to clockwise. With the help of the leverage mechanism inside the bollard, bollard would rise until the chosen height and lock itself.
Excluding the standard production dimensions, it is possible to produce any
size of bollards according to the producer’s specifications.

Our standard production dimensions are down
below:Painted Manual Rising Bollard can be produced according to the requirements in any dimension. Our standard production has a red color reflector tape at the top section. At the top of the lid there is the key. The body color is yellow and the paint type is Rall 1028 and 304 steel

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