Used in spaces like the banks or corporate head quarterswhere aesthetic excellence is a priority to impress thevisitors. The architects and interior designers havemany options to customize this model and create arich and opulent look. Among the decorative materialsthat can be used to transform this model into a visualmasterpiece are marble and granite as well as leatherand all kinds of wood finish including wallnut, oak, andolive.


SBR optical turnstiles form a corridor. In the middle ofthis corridor, there’s a wing obstacle made up of glassor plexiglass. When the visitors have their cards readby the card reader, the wing opens. While the visitorsare passing through the gate, if another person wantsto take advantage of the open turnstile and tailgatebehind the first visitor, the obstacle closes and blocksthe passage immediately and sets off the alarm.However, if the sudden closure of the wing has thepotential to harm an individual, it does not close but thealarm continues to alert the security.

With the SBR 101 model, the wings open and close by following an arc path.

The top frame of these models could be made up ofstainless steel, marble, granite or covered with polishedwood. In the standard SİBERTEK models, the sides of thecases are finished with black plexiglass or stainlesssteel.

In addition, the SBR 101 can be customized in the following manner by extending the corridor length to 2meters (6.56 feet): The wings are permanently open. However, they closed down immediately when anyone tries to access without first having a card read at the card reader. This systemis ideal for those heavy-traffic areas. Yet, when they seeno obstacle on their way, some people attempt to crossthrough the turnstile without swiping their cards. That’swhy this system is more appropriate for a company’sown personnel who have their own cards and whoknow how this model works. It allows access as fast asthe respective card reader can read cards.

SIBERTEK turnstiles are designed to excel in both internal and external environments. However, for applications in very humid or dusty settings, custom-designed turnstiles with optional features are available if the appropriate specifications are provided at the time of the order.

SIBERTEK turnstiles are ideal for both unidirectional and birectional passages which can be free or access- controlled. Even though access in both directions can be controlled by a card-reader, the authorized security personnel of the client can override that setting for card-free access during certain times of the day.

SIBERTEK turnstiles allow free exit out of the site or the building in case of a power failure, a feature mandated by law. If the customer wants the turnstiles remain locked during such an emergency, such functionality can be provided as an option, contingent upon the written request of the client. However, once set at the factory, the system then cannot be switched back to the emergency-exit state by the client and it remains locked during all subsequent power failures.

The rotational direction of the turnstile arms during entries and exits alike is regulated by internal sensors.

The smooth centering of the turnstile arm after a pass-through is accomplished by a spring mechanism and hydrolic shock absorbers.





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